Onboarding Process Development

The key to having a successful and productive employee begins with the date of the job offer. Let us develop a formal on-boarding process including standard workflows, orientation development, and staff training.

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Worflow Solutions

Let We Do Process help identify and address workflow boundaries within your office. We will not only create workflow solutions, but also implement any systems and software needed to achieve efficiency.

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Paralegal Services

Need assistance during your organizational transition? Our paralegal services include bankruptcy case preparation, comprehensive litigation support, transcription services and general paralegal support. We also assist with full time staff recruiting.

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Why We Do Process?

Our mission is to improve your firms performance by developing comprehensive on-boarding processes, workflow solutions, and provide relevant staff training, leading to the retention of reliable, and consistent support staff.

We pride ourselves on providing custom solutions to meet the specific needs of your office. Our team consists of senior level professionals, who have extensive knowledge of law office organization, and staff retention methods.

By utilizing our services you can focus on securing clients and tracking more billable hours.

You do law, WE DO PROCESS!


I own a small law office. Why do I need formal processes?

To have a law firm that can successfully survive time & growth it takes more than being an excellent attorney. You must also be a great manager of your staff. Many small firms go through an endless cycle of hiring employees to see if they can perform the work assigned, and if they staff member isn’t performing to those standards they simply hire someone else. Companies tend to underestimate what turnover costs. Here are a few things to consider about your firms turnover:

-Direct costs of hiring a new person, including advertising, interviewing, screening and hiring.

-Costs of on-boarding a new person, including training and management time.

-Lost productivity. A new person can take one to two years to reach the productivity of an existing person. -Lost engagement. High turnover can cause other employees to notice, decreasing their productivity.

-Industry specific errors and loss of customer service. In law this can include missing filing deadlines & customers becoming frustrated that yet another new person has access to their personal information.

Let We Do Process increase staff retention by assisting with workflow creation, on-board processes, and ongoing staff training programs.

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